Gas Storage Systems

Besides delivering the water electrolysis plants we are able to supply various systems for storing the produced Hydrogen and Oxygen. ELB offers different gas storage systems (e.g. tanks, steel-bottles, steel-cylinders) with capacities of up to several thousand Nm³.

If you want to store high capacities of Hydrogen and Oxygen we can recommend tank storage systems as shown in the following pictures. We have offered such systems with capacities of up to 250.000 Nm³.

The tank storage system you can see here was installed in 1999 by ELT in Monthey, Switzerland:


The storage system parameters are:

  • 13.200 Nm³ Hydrogen (extendable)
  • 8.100 Nm³ Oxygen (extendable)
  • Operating pressure: 30 bar
  • Geometrical Volume: 110 m³ per tank


Our tank storage system was designed to match the highest security and safety standards. As you can see in the pictures this installation was done in a housing area, where safety is the main issue.